Energy Law & Regulation

We share our expertise in the electricity, natural gas, oil and heat sectors to help our clients to solve their legal problems related inter alia to market circumstances, regulatory uncertainty, governmental investigations or development of new and clean energy technologies.

We have experience inter alia the following aspects.

  • Energy regulatory challenges of energy companies
  • Regulatory requirements for hybrid energy systems
  • Energy concession, tariffs and grid codes administrative procedures
  • ICT determinants in energy sector, in particular the artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Energy system balancing rules and auxiliary services
  • Unbundling requirements
  • Hydrogen regulation
  • Certification of transmission system operator (TSO) and distribution system operator (DSO)
  • Certification to energy support mechanisms (capacity market, RES-E, CHP)
  • Connection to the grid and administrative procedures for refusal to connect
  • Exemptions to regulation for specific energy infrastructures (gas pipelines, LNG)
  • Fulfilment of mandatory gas and oil storage requirements, including abroad.
  • Requirements for energy storage
  • Protection of privacy, including personal data in the energy sector
  • Representation before national energy regulatory authorities (NRA) and courts or tribunals, including the Court of Justice of the European Union